Monday, May 21, 2012

Not On Our Watch - America's Mighty Warrior's Joins Efforts Against Motel 6

The Gorge Heroes Club received the following letter of support from America's Mighty Warriors Organization in response to the horrible treatment Warrior Kyle McCullough received from Motel 6 in Troutdale, Oregon during his mission to support his deployed Marine brother and his unit.  Please read on.....

Dear Gorge Heroes Club,
One of our missions at America's Mighty Warriors is to defend our defenders when there is an injustice. I take it very personally when our troops are dishonored and this one hits closer to home as Kyle is from where I raised my children and he was actually fighting in Ramadi when Marc died.

"We'll leave the light on for you" is a warm welcome that didn't apply to Army veteran Kyle McCullough, 28, when he arrived at Motel 6 in Troutdale, Ore., on May 8 after walking 75 out of 200-miles to raise public awareness about the need to boost troop morale in Afghanistan. He showed up at the motel on feet made sore by 10 blisters and the beginning of shin splints.

His room reservations for the night had been made by the Gorge Heroes Club, a pro-troop group serving the Mid-Columbia region. Kyle gave the manager his confirmation number but ended up being turned away after she refused to allow him to register without GHC faxing over a copy of their Visa debit card and the signature of the organization's president. That requirement was not stated when financial information was taken by the reservation center, nor was it listed in the confirmation email.

Instead of offering the former Green Beret, who is in the process of re-enlisting, a chair and making a phone call to GHC to get the matter resolved, the manager became rude so Kyle left the premises because he was exhausted and didn't want to get into an argument. He had tried to explain that the trip from Dufur to the Oregon Coast was to honor his brother, USMC 1st. Lt. Kristoffer "Turf" McCullough, 26, who is currently serving as a company commander in Afghanistan and other troops in harm's way. The manager was not interested in what he had to say and defensive about her actions when called by GHC President RaeLynn Ricarte later that night.

Arrangements were made over the telephone (the same as with Motel 6) at Comfort Suites that night and Kyle had to backtrack one-half mile on his sore feet to arrive there but was treated like a king. Despite adverse treatment by Motel 6, his spirits remained high. and he achieved his mission by arriving in Seaside about 6 p.m. on May 14.

Numerous phone calls by Raelynn of Gorge Heroes Club and myself have been made to Motel 6 and they have been given a chance to make this right and the last correspondence was "we will investigate and get back to you in 15 days." They weren't apologetic, remorseful and they just don't get it!

I need you to bombard them with phone calls and emails and share this email with all you know. Our men and women in the military are willing to give their lives fighting in the battlefields, willing to give their lives for you and I, and then they come home and are treated this way. NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!! Please I need your help to stand for Kyle.

Accor International (owns Motel 6 chain): (972) 360-9000

Tammy Horsley

Senior manager, customer care


Chief executive

Olivier Poirot


and the regional office, which oversees the Troutdale motel, is (469)-521-3000. The motel itself can be reached at (503) 665-2254.

On the positive front, please email Camp 18 at to thank them for providing a free dinner, dessert and ice pack for Kyle's ankles with the greatest of all possible attitudes.

Comfort Suites in Troutdale should also be thanked for taking such good care of Kyle after he was turned away from Motel 6 and can be reached at (503) 669-6500.

It is important that we let all parties know what we think about their support of our Hero or lack thereof.

Standing strong for our troops,

Debbie Lee