Troop Care Package Ideas And Regulations On Items Sent

Here is a complete list of the do's and dont's for sending troop care packages:

Use the United States Postal Service "FLAT RATE" boxes.  You would be amazed at how many items you can place in these boxes.  There are two sizes available.  You can pick them up at your local Post Office or order them directly at:

You will need to fill out a Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note (2976-A) - You will need one filled out for each box you send.

Helpful Do's and Dont's:

  • Seal the boxes with clear tape only. No string or twine. Seal all corners and seams tightly.

  • Any liquids need to be placed in sealed Ziploc bags or vac sealed prior to shipping. 

  • Mail chocolate only in the winter months.

  • No pork.

  • No alcohol.

  • No glass items.

  • No pornography.

  • No religious idols/symbols.  Bibles if requested.

  • No explosive materials.

  • Nothing in aerosol cans - they may explode.

  • If shipping to Afghanistan or Iraq, your package should arrive within 10 days of shipment.
For a complete list of suggested care package items, please follow this link:

Other ideas:

  • Holiday items - Decorations

  • Magazines

  • Comics

  • Paperback Books

  • Disposable Camera's (They can take pictures and send it back for development)

  • Long Distance Phone Cards

  • Extra Ziploc Bags

  • Playing Cards

  • Music CD'S

  • Spices

  • DVD'S

  • Hand/Feet Warmers

  • Board Games

  • Vitamins

  • Word Puzzle Books

  • Blank Cards and Envelopes (For them to send back to the States throughout the year)

  • Poker Cards/Chips

  • Frisbees

  • Footballs, etc

  • Cribbage Game
The ideas are endless.  Sometimes it helps to go with theme's or with the recipients personality!  Your local variety store is a great source of items. So, just have fun... you are guaranteed they will love anything they receive!