Military and Family Resources

This link is to the National Resource Directory which is an online partnership for wounded, ill and injured service members, Veterans, their families and for those who support them.

Member and Family Support Program Links

Some of the topics you will find on this website include:

Benefits and Compensation
  • DOD Benefits - Access information about DoD disability, retirement, survivor, health benefits and information about military pay and allowances.
  • VA Benefits - Find information on VA benefits, including disability benefits, pensions for Veterans and their families, VA health care insurance and the GI Bill.
  • Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) - Manages the delivery of medical, dental and life insurance benefits, and maintains records on Service Members and their dependents
  • Life Insurance - Learn about the various insurance policies offered through the military and VA.
  • Social Security Benefits - Find information on Social Security benefits, how they are different from VA benefits and the effect of military pay on your eligibility for Social Security.
  • Unemployment Benefits - Research federal and state unemployment programs and compensation for eligible Veterans and their families.
  • Forms - Access various VA, DoD and DOL forms required for processing benefits.

Education and Training
  • GI Bill & Other VA Education Programs -Find eligibility information, covered programs and payment rates.
  • DoD Education Programs & Benefits -Find tuition assistance, tutoring and education programs
  • Additional Scholarships, Tuition Assistance & Financial Aid -Get information on government and private sector tuition assistance, scholarships and financial aid for Service Members, Veterans and their family members.
  • Continuing Education, Career Paths & Educational Counseling -Access information on programs and resources available to help Service Members and Veterans find the education that fits their needs.
  • Internships, Apprenticeships, Licensing & Certification -Find information on internship and apprenticeship opportunities that provide work experience and on-the-job training as well as applying military training to civilian certifications.
  • Assistive Technology -Provides information on equipment, adaptive devices and computer software and hardware that can help people with everyday tasks and education- and training-related activities.
Family and Caregiver Support
  • Family Support -Find support organizations, helpful fact sheets for military families, and family programs for each branch.
  • Caregiver Support -Learn about caring for wounded warriors and find support groups and hospice information.
  • Children & Youth -Information about youth education, college scholarships, talking to children about deployment, and resources for parents of children with disabilities.
  • Survivors -Access benefit information, education and employment opportunities, and resources on coping with the loss of a loved one.
  • Counseling -Search for a counselor or other mental health professional and find services available to families.
  • Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault -Get help if you are in an abusive relationship and learn more about domestic abuse.
  • Financial Information & Assistance -Learn about tax credits, managing personal finances, and finding funds to help in emergency situations. 
  • Medical, Psychological & Behavioral Conditions -Find information about service-related medical injuries, disabilities and diseases, as well as resources to learn about psychological and behavioral issues that are related to your military experiences.
  • Health Care -Find resources on TRICARE and VA insurance, locating military and VA treatment facilities, how to access your medical records, and prosthetics, sensory aids and assistive technologies.
  • Rehabilitation -Learn about the rehabilitative therapies available to help Service Members and Veterans recover from injuries and illnesses.
  • Healthy Living -Access resources and guides to help you eat right, exercise more, stop smoking and prevent chronic illnesses.
  • Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault -Get help you if you are in an abusive relationship or if you have been sexually assaulted, and find information about organizations working to prevent domestic abuse and sexual assault.
  • Health Care Provider Resources -Information for health care professionals who deliver primary and specialty care to Service Members and Veterans. 

 Homeless Assistance

  • VA National Call Center for Homeless Veterans -Call this confidential hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week to find help for homeless Veterans and their families. 1-877-4AID VET (1-877-424-3838)
  • VA & Other Government Programs -Learn about programs provided by the VA and other federal agencies to assist Veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Emergency & Transitional Housing -Browse immediate housing, including community providers funded by the VA's Grant & Per Diem Program and the VA's short-term contract housing program.
  • Employment & Income Assistance -Learn how homeless persons can obtain help with employment and benefits, including vocational training and educational resources are also listed.
  • Legal Assistance & Credit Counseling -Find information on legal services and credit counseling for homeless and at-risk veterans. These services can help homeless persons qualify for a lease, open a bank account, collect benefits, and become eligible for employment.
  • Non-Profit Programs -Learn about non-government providers and advocates working with the issues and needs facing today's homeless population.
  • Health Care, Mental Health & Substance Abuse -Learn about resources and locations where homeless Veterans and families may find health care.
  • Research & Reports -Read reports and studies on homelessness, including demographic data and best practices for addressing homelessness.

  • Homeless Assistance -Find information on transitional housing, employment programs and benefits for homeless Veterans and Service Members.
  • Mortgages, Home Loans & Financial Assistance -Get information on government home loan programs available to Service Members, Veterans and their families, financial assistance for housing payments, and help with avoiding foreclosure.
  • Military Housing & Relocation -Locate resources to help with moving, including home and apartment listings.
  • Housing Locators -Access resources to help you find an apartment or a house through nationwide listings.
  • Temporary Housing -Find information on temporary housing available to Service Members, Veterans and their families.
  • Accessible Housing -Get information on homes that are modified to be accessible to people who are injured or disabled.
  • Residential Rehabilitation Facilities -Access locations of residential rehabilitation facilities for Veterans and Service Members recovering from injuries or illnesses.

Transportation & Travel

  • Military Travel Pay -Provides information on military travel pay, per diem and rules about military travel and family travel.
  • Transportation Assistance & Public Transportation- Find information about using public transportation, financing a visit to a loved one in a military medical facility, or traveling to a VA medical appointment.
  • Automobile Adaptations -Find resources on adapting motor vehicles for disabilities, and how to get financial assistance for modifying your automobile.
  • Off-Duty Travel -Learn about benefits, discounts and deals for Service Members, Veterans and their families while traveling off-duty.

Other Services & Resources

  • News Room -Stay informed with news articles from military, government and non-profit sources relating to Veterans and military affairs.
  • Coming Home -Information that can help you readjust after deployment.
  • OEF/OIF Veterans -Learn about DoD and VA programs, services and resources for returning Veterans of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.
  • Wounded Warrior Programs -Education, health care and family support for Service Members wounded while serving their country.
  • Veterans Service Organizations -Find advocates for Service Members and Veterans who help file VA claims and apply to government programs.
  • Military Service Records -Locate your military service records.
  • Volunteer Organizations -Get involved with organizations that provide support services to Service Members, Veterans and their families.
  • Service Animals -Access information about service animals that are trained to assist people with disabilities.
  • Pet Services -Find information on pet foster care and adoption.
  • Emergency Preparedness -Prepare yourself for different emergencies and disasters.
  • Recreation & Sports -Plan recreation and sports activities for you and your family.
  • Legal Rights & Assistance -Research legal services and laws that protect the rights of Veterans, Service Members, families and caregivers.
  • Financial Information & Assistance -Learn about tax credits, managing personal finances, and finding funds to help in emergency situations.
  • Video Library -View video clips from the VA, DoD and other federal government agencies.