Thursday, September 24, 2009

September GHC Meeting Fun!

Children signing cards and filling care packages for the troops in September were also educated about the life of combat units -- including that these men often go up to a month without a shower due to the lack of amenities in the field. The young helpers were pretty grossed out by that news and carefully picked out hygiene items, such as wet wipes and hand sanitizer, to take care of the Marine they were filling the box for. Members of GHC also spent the evening organizing candy and toiletries that were donated by community members who wanted to show their support for the troops.

Signing your cards are.... brother and sister, Sorin & Esme' Price.
Members putting together "goodie bags".

Members signing cards.

Members creating handmade cards.

Package assembly line.

Final touches just before the care package is sealed.... Marine Mom RaeLynn Ricarte is showing the cute visitors how to stuff the box to the brim... including inside the toilet paper roll!

The Price Family children are: Esmé (girl in flower shirt), Sorin (brown shirt), Cael (burgandy shirt), and Teague in the backpack.

Your September care packages are on their way Heroes!


Your GHC

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekly Hero News

"Thank you very much for your thoughts and the care packages. It was a very funny sight, watching all the soldiers walking around with Otter Pops! Thanks again, I hope all is going well in Hood River," Ssgt. Enid.

"Dear Gorge Heroes Club: Thank you so much for the care package that you sent me; made my whole week! Little bit of a rough day today. Had the memorial service (for fallen soldiers). So hard to say goodbye. The service was very well done with standing room only in the Hope Chapel. God Bless them on their Way. Weather is cooling down and days getting shorter. The freezer pops will be a treat and the combat-ready balm will be put to good use. How did you know I needed cigars? You're the best:) Sat out back tonight under a full moon, had one and thought of you. Mission's going well. Keeping really busy with my four full-time jobs. We'll be home soon. Love to all. Again, thank you so much,"
SFC Roger

Dear Terri,

Please thank your daycare kids for the cute colorings they did. It is hard to believe I have been here for almost a year. We have put them up on the wall inside our tent. They are so cute. It is funny because when I started getting your packages, I was getting a little "razzing" about it, but now everyone joins around to see what kind of goodies I get with each package. Lots here have commented on how lucky I am to have such a good person back home that cares for me and sends me goodies. As you know, I always share them with my unit. The morale here is always high when we get your packages. And, they always seem to come just after we have been gone for a few days. Do you have a direct link to the post office? :)

Anyway, we just wanted to thank you again for all you are doing for us. Your cards, letters and packages really do make a huge difference to all of us. I was wondering if you can do me a favor? One of our guys in our unit is from a foster family and he has no one this holiday season. Can you please send me a couple Christmas cards for him? I know it will go a long way in helping him through the holidays.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Gorge Connection: Marines Rely On "Eyes In The Sky"

Insitu is an independent subsidiary of Boeing based in Bingen, Washington. They manufacture unmanned aircraft systems. Here is the link to the article that appeared in a recent edition of Hood River News titled, "Marines Rely On Eyes In The Sky".

Hood River National Guard Family Picnic Fun

Soldiers from the Hood River Armory enjoyed a family picnic on Sept. 12 that was sponsored by GHC in cooperation with Westside Fire District, Safeway, Rosauers, Hood River Liquor Store and Wal-Mart. The 65 members of the local unit, and their families, were treated to a barbecue feast and then enjoyed a battle with water balloons. The children present played carnival games that netted them a variety of prizes.

GHC members worked to ensure the two detachments with the Armory had a good time since the Department of Defense has alerted these soldiers to expect a deployment to the Middle East by late summer of 2010. GHC will be stepping up our fundraising efforts to ensure that every soldier receives a monthly care package from home during what is likely to be a 12-month deployment and will add their 65 new boxes to our existing support for 35 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines from Gorge communities.

Special "Thanks" to Westside Fire Department members Sarah Kahler, Chuck Walston, David Hancock and Rachal Hansen for volunteering their time to barbecue for our Heroes.


Your GHC

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hood River County Remembers 9-11

"Americans will always fight for their freedoms", was the statement made at this evenings 9-11 Memorial Services by Hood River Department's Chief Wells, pictured above.

Pine Grove Fire Department's little 4-year old Jr. Fire Fighter Jack Stehlik listens to the memorial service along with his dad John Stehlik, volunteer on Pine Grove FD.

Hood River National Guard members raising our flag.

Hood River Fire Department members.

Dallesport Life Flight arrived for the Memorial Service and offered a close up view of their helicopter and it's operations.

The Gorge Heroes Club salutes all our Heroes.


Your GHC

Thursday, September 10, 2009

GHC High School Members at Hood River's First Friday

GHC would like to thank HRVHS students Haley Sparks, Emily Hansen and Amber Sparks for volunteering their time to sell cookies at Hood River's September First Friday celebration for our Heroes. The trio is pictured here in front of Hood River's City Hall. The girls were first to use our new GHC banners!

This weekend, your GHC is on the move.... We will have representation at four Gorge events! Thanks to all our great volunteers. All proceeds will go towards our monthly care packages for our Heroes.

Your GHC

Hood River County's 9-11-09 Memorial Service

The Hood River Fire Department will be holding a Sept. 11 memorial service on Friday at 6 p.m. and we urge everyone to support this observance because the terrorist attacks on the East Coast in 2001 led to our Heroes being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. The ceremony will take place outside the station at 1785 Meyer Parkway and soldiers from the Hood River Armory will be present to raise the national colors. Also attending will be law enforcement officials and firefighters from throughout the county so this is also a great opportunity to thank these emergency responders. The remembrance will take about 15 minutes and be followed by an open house with free hotdogs and sodas served to all in attendance. LifeFlight helicopter will be landing about 6:30 p.m. and people will be allowed to climb onboard and learn more about the air ambulance.


Your GHC

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekly Heroes News

Congrats go out to Lynetta Hickman for her completion of Marine Advanced Combat Training... and a warm welcome home to Airman Sherman Miller. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Pics from our Marine Heroes on the lines:


Dear Terri,

Thanks for the birthday card! And yes, I do have a few more grey hairs. Funny how when you are young, and you dream about what you wanted to be. Well, I always knew I would be in the military, but not spending my birthday in a war zone. But, it is all worth it if my kids and my grandkids (if I ever have any) will never have to spend their birthday's in a war zone!

It has been really quiet here. We have had time to visit with some of the local kids that come up to the unit gates. I saw this really pretty blonde haired, blue eye little girl yesterday. Some of the kids know a little English. They are always very polite and very well mannered. Most of the always say, "please" and "thank you". I gave her one of the beanie babies that you sent and her eyes just lit up. All their smiles makes our day much easier and makes our time pass much faster with your cards and packages.

The waxed maple leaves you sent are a real hit! We have them hanging from the ceiling in our mess tent. It is really nice to look at something other than sand!

Your friend,

Mike - Iraq