Friday, October 30, 2009

GHC Awarded "Hometown Heroes" Medal

Just in:

"To all of the wonderful members of the Gorge Heroes Club: We had a ceremony at my base during our last drill weekend and each member was awarded a medal and plaque for being "Hometown Heroes." We were also given a separate "Hometown Heroes" medal that we were to award to a friend of family member who we felt supported us during our times of deployment. Of course, I first thought of my Mom and Dad, Lane and Betsy Smith, who have done nothing but support me and my two younger sisters during our military career. However, my second thought was of the Heroes Club and how thankful I am for all your time and efforts to make sure that every Gorge military member, whether deployed or at home, is remembered and made to feel like we are special. You guys do a GREAT job of making us feel special! So, I would like to award you with my "Hometown Heroes" medal. Thank you for your support, pride and love," Airman Kelly A. Smith.

Airman Smith, we are deeply touched and honored. GHC would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation in acceptance of this award. Our new award will be proudly displayed at the Hood River National Guard Armory for all our GHC members and the community to share.


Your GHC

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekly Hero News

GHC would like to welcome PFC Brett Rawding to our Heroes Club. PFC Radwing is stationed in South Korea. His proud parents are Shelly and Daniel Radwing of White Salmon, Washington. Thanks PFC Rawding in all you are doing in helping defend our freedoms. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
Dear GHC,
As the First Sergeant of 133 deployed Oregon Citizen Soliders, and a Hood River resident, I wanted to thank you for all that you and your volunteers do. I check the Hood River News on-line daily to see what is going on back home. I recently found out that one of my Soldiers lives close to me, so I'll be doing a story on him for the local paper if they will print it.
Thank you again, your continued support and service is an inspiriation!
1SG G Mc Ilvenna, Iraq
GHC would like to thank our Heroes for dropping us a line and letting us know how they are doing... Keep up the great work. We are proud of you and all your efforts!
Your GHC

October GHC Care Packaging Fun!

The GHC members and much welcomed community guests met last evening at the Hood River National Guard Armory to fill our Heroes' boxes. It was really great to see everyone from the community help in honoring our heroes by taking part in adding their own special gifts to some of the packages....and seeing the children walk down the aisle picking "just the right goodies" for the packages!

GHC would like to thank it's members and the community for coming out to show their support for our Heroes. Our next community box packaging will be on Saturday, November 21st at 1PM. At this time, we will be boxing up both the November and the December care packages for our Heroes. On this date, we will also be having a spaghetti feed fundraiser from Noon to 2PM. All proceeds go towards care package items for our Heroes. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Please check back often for further details and updates on our urgent need items.
Members and community members signing cards.

Card making !
Box packing !
Box stuffing!
Production line.
Proudly, Your GHC

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekly Heroes News

This just in from Ssgt. Hernandez in Iraq, "Gorge Heroes Club: Thank you for bringing a little sunshine into my very 'sandy' day."
Army Pvt. Michael Blanchard is arriving stateside this weekend from deployment to Bahrain and is going to be enjoying a visit with his mother, Daphne, at her home in Mosier. We hear that he is well and in good spirits in spite of the debilitating summer heat and are thankful for his safe return!
We are proud to announce that Army Pvt. Austin Grimm of The Dalles has completed his basic training and is currently learning advanced warrior skills at a base in Maryland. Welcome soldier to the Heroes Club and it will be our honor to support you! Also, we welcome home Army Ssgt. Ryan Miller of White Salmon from deployment in Iraq. We are very delighted to have you back safe and sound in the states!
Welcome home USMC Capt. Jesse Atay from North Bonneville, Washington. Jesse's proud Mom RaeLynn reports Jesse is back on US soil and will be home for a visit soon, then he is off to Japan. Thanks Jesse, for all your dedication and commitment to our freedoms. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!
"Dear Gorge Heroes Club: Thank you all so very much for supporting us over here. It is an amazing feeling to know that our fellow countrymen and women are with us in our fight to preserve our way of life," USMC 1st Lt. Barcelo.

Dear Gorge Heroes Club-

Dear Terri,
Thanks so much for the package of goodies. Once again, you are a bit hit. Everyone gathers around now to see what kind of goodies are coming each month. I can't tell you how much it is appreciated.

I would really like to thank you for the article about the military drones by Insitu. If you can, I would like to you thank them for me. Our unit was out on a 7 day mission and on the last night, we were all tucked into the fields for the night when we were alerted by the drone that we had company coming. That's all I can say about our mission, but please send our thanks to them.

Tell your daycare kids thanks for the colorings. I have one that one of the kids did that has a drawing of the American Flag on it tucked in my pocket for good luck!

Thank you again.

Mike, Iraq
Dear GHC,
I just wanted to say thanks for the care package. I really love the wax dipped leaf's. I took them over to our tent that we set up to share care package items and hung them up above the table. How did you do that? That was really nice. I miss the fall colors.

Things have been pretty quiet here. We just moved into our new location. We are now in a "tent city" and have showers now and a microwave! My unit was pretty excited about that. This being my third tour here, you would think I would be used to the musty smell of the tents.

Also, thanks for the pens and writing paper for the gals in my unit. That was a big hit. The tootsie pops didn't last long.

It is really great knowing that people support us back home. Oh, and the postcards that you sent, I put them up on the walls here. I am sending a few to my girlfriend. She has never been to Oregon before so I promised her that this is where we will go on our honeymoon!

Thanks for supporting me and my unit. I really makes a big difference in our everyday lives to know someone back home is thinking of us.

SSGT, Don - Iraq

Thursday, October 1, 2009

THANK YOU Skamania County Law Enforcement Association

Many thanks go out to Skamania County Law Enforcement Association for their contribution to the Gorge Heroes Club!

The letter reads, "The Skamania County Law Enforcement Association is honored to join in your efforts to support our troops. Enclosed is a check for $500.00 to aid the Gorge Heroes Club in its mission to provide as many military personnel as possible with care packages. We appreciate everything they give to provide us the freedom to live as we do. Thank you for providing this opportunity for us to honor our troops! "

Thanks again Skamania County Law Enforcement Association.... All our Heroes appreciate your generosity and your support!


Your GHC