Homey The Homefront Gnome Is On A Mission - Are You The One?

Homey The Homefront Gnome - Support our Troops!

7/26/2011 UPDATE: Read Homey's story in today's issue of the Oregonian 
You can watch Homey's story on KATU Channel 2

Homefront Gnome, better known as "Homey" to his 15 younger brothers, is a veteran of the Oregon National Guard and was recently laid off from his job in sales due to the economic downtown. With his brothers all serving in different branches of the military and deployed to duty stations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Homey decided to dedicate his unanticipated free time toward raising public awareness about the need to support the troops. He is also on a quest to raise funds for the Gorge Heroes Club, a nonprofit group based in the Columbia River Gorge that is sending care packages to the units that his brothers serve with.
Homey The Homefront Gnomes Deployed Bros
Homey intends to travel as far as he can across the country and visit cities to challenge citizens to write letters to the troops that will be sent out by GHC. He also asks that people enclose $1 to help cover shipping costs in the envelope with the letter or, if the correspondence is sent via email, to mail the contribution to the address provided below. The frugal gnome is very aware of the economic situation facing America and believes that if everyone gives just a little toward the cause, the troops can be taken care of without creating a budgetary problem for any family.

Aware that he cannot get out his message alone, Homey is partnering with mayors on his tour of cities with hopes of meeting the governor in each state that he visits. He also plans to spend some time at the nation's capital with federal officials, who are being encouraged to challenge their constituents to write a letter to Dear Soldier, Dear Sailor, Dear Airman or Dear Marine and tell them that their sacrifices are appreciated.

Government leaders who agree to help Homey with his cause for one month before arranging for him to visit another area of the state or country are asked to put a token in his footlocker from their city or state and send it along with him. These items will be displayed once Homey returns to the Columbia River Gorge and a public announcement will be made about which city and state, per capita, showed the most support for the troops. Pictures of Homey with the dignitary that is assisting with his efforts will be gratefully accepted for posting in his scrapbook.

Homey is a man of few words so I have written this introduction on his behalf and will be pleased to answer any further questions that you may have. I can be reached at ghc@gorge.net or personally at raericarte@yahoo.com.

Letters written to help Homey's cause, or donations to support the troops, may be sent to:
1767 12th St. #113
Hood River, Or, 97031
or via email to homefrontgnome@gmail.com.

Donations and messages can also be sent through GHC'S secure PayPal Link. Simply click the icon, specify the amount you wish to contribute and write a message at the same time!  Your message will be passed onto our military heroes!

Thanks so much for helping our displaced gnome take care of his brothers and those that they serve with.

RaeLynn Ricarte, Pres., Gorge Heroes Club
Please check back often.  We will be adding pictures and letters from Homey's deployed brothers as they come in.... and to follow Homey's daily "support our troops" activities, by visiting  GHC's Facebook page.

Contributor's to Homey the Homefront's Troop Support Campaign
Support Homey today! 

V Sanchez - Portland, Oregon
RaeLynn Ricarte - The Dalles, Oregon
"For my son, CPT Jesse Atay, USMC - OORAH"
Terri Hansen - Hood River, Oregon
"In memory of Grandpa Sam Short who served proudly under the leadership of General Patton"
Scott Hansen - Hood River, Oregon
"In memory of Grandpa Sam Short who served proudly under the leadership of General Patton"
Emily Hansen - Hood River, Oregon
"In memory of Grandpa Sam Short who served proudly under the leadership of General Patton"
Rachal Hansen - Hood River, Oregon
"In memory of Grandpa Sam Short who served proudly under the leadership of General Patton"

Nic Henage finished up his letter to GHC to forward onto our troops - Campaign Of One

Nic Henage writes his email address on a letter given to the Gorge Heroes Club for delivery to a U.S. Soldier in Afghanistan. He is hoping to gain a pen pal from the correspondence and considering a career in national security himself.
"Dear U.S. Surving Solder: First I would like to say thank you for your survice. I play Call of Duty: Black Ops and I act as you and I think it is cool that you would take a bullet for our freedom. I am 11 and you can respond if you like. Thank you." - Nic Henage

Where's Homey Gnome Today?

June 19, 2011 - Homey is on Facebook wishing all this deployed brothers and military dad's around the world a "Happy Father's Day".

Homey signing and sorting cards.

June 20, 2011 -  Today, Homey is helping sign, sort and organize hand written cards to America's deployed warriors for the Hood River Chapter of GHC's upcoming troop box packing!  Each hero gets a specially designed card made by members of GHC's Cards Team.  GHC proudly supports just under 700 deployed warriors! 

Homey Gnome and his new "digs"
June 21, 2011 - Today, Homey Gnome is helping paint and design his new travel "digs" as he gets ready to head out on his troop support campaign.  Later today, Homey will be finishing up the card organization and address cards to the Marine Unit stationed on the frontlines in Marjah that GHC sends care packages to each month.  GHC will be sending them hygiene items and food for them to cook over the dual-fuel stoves GHC provided for them a few months ago.  GHC received an urgent request for support from this Marine unit and jumped into action to provide them the dual-fuel stoves to not only cook with, but they will also be able to heat water for hygiene purposes.  Each of the 7 units were supplied with dual-stoves and 50lbs of food! Oorah!

Homey and his new digs are ready to hit the road!
June 22, 2011-
Homey Gnome is excited to be at GHC's Hood River Troop Box Packing today!  Homey is ready to show off his new traveling "digs" and is excited to head off on his new adventure to support his 15 deployed brothers and America's Warriors!

Homey with Y102's Roger Nichol's and SFC Alex Porter from the Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV A Company.
Homey the Gnome made his public debut on Rodger Nichol's talk show at Y102 in The Dalles today to share information about his upcoming journey that begins in the Gorge and crosses the nation. Since Homey is a man of few words, SFC Alex Porter from Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV A CO from The Dalles, Oregon was also a guest and shared information about the morale boost that the troops get by knowing that they have support from the people they serve. SFC Porter and the Gorge Heroes Club are challenging citizens to write one million letters within the next year and the community in the U.S.A. that submits the most correspondence per capita will receive special recognition.

Today, Homey the Homefront Gnome is writing letters to businesses and companies asking for donations of products for GHC's monthly troop care packages. Homey is pictured here at this past Wednesday's Hood River Chapter of GHC's troop box packing with items that GHC needs every month to send to our deployed heroes. Homey is looking for some volunteers to help him write letters or e-mails to corporations asking for donations........ Can you help?
For a complete list of items that GHC needs to support our deployed troops, please follow this link:

Where's Homey? Homey has been busy traveling around the City of The Dalles with Mayor Jim Wilcox. Here Homey is pictured at the Chamber Coffee Connections at Optimist Printers. Homey was also on Mark Bailey's morning radio program. Go Homey!

Homey was on Mark Bailey's morning program and attended a birthday party in the Fadness Realty office in The Dalles, Oregon .  Between the Cousin's cinnamon rolls,  the snickers cake at our office he has had his calories for the day!

Go Homey! Here is a link to The Rodger Nichols Show: http://gorgenewscenter.com/mayor-wilcox-and-his-homi

Mayor Jim Wilcox From The City of The Dalles, Oregon reports: "Homey played some little girls softball last night. Nothing was hit to him and he wasn't tall enough to bat off the tee but he had fun picking clover with the rest of the players. He is quite the gadfly, he is on Y-102 this morning and has another birthday party on his schedule this afternoon. Does he ever sleep?"


Homey does his bit on Haystack Broadcasting Rodger Nichols show. You can listen to his presentation on their website. Thanks for your help and support Rodger! Here is a link to The Rodger Nichols Show: http://gorgenewscenter.com​/mayor-wilcox-and-his-homi​e/ GHC sends out a huge thanks to Mayor Wilcox and Rodger Nichols for showing support to our troops.

Mayor Wilcox checks in with Homey - ‎350 miles round trip to Milton-Freewater to watch great nieces play softball in 90 degree heat. Homey stayed in the shade to preserve his alabaster finish.

Mayor Wilcox made a quick stop with Homey at the Pendleton Round-Up grounds to visit the bronze rodeo logo. We know from experience that cowboys support our troops! Go Homey!

With Mayor Wilcox, Homey was first at the communion table and urged the congregation to pray for our troops and join the 'Gnome' support of our soldiers. He sang 'America the Beautiful' in full voice. He's no Pavarotti but what he lacks in skill & volume he makes up with enthusiasm. Our prayers are with our troops on this eve of the anniversary of the declaration that founded our great country!

Homey's 4th of July Celebration of America and Troop Support Fun!

Homey was escorted to the Hood River Old Fashioned 4th of July Parade by Patriot Guard Riders Ride Captain Rod Runyon from The Dalles, Oregon. 

Homey is tucked in and ready to show his support for America's Warriors!  Go Homey!

Homey also got to ride in the parade with Hood River County's Westside Fire Department.  Homey is pictured here getting the "thumb's up for troops support" from Westside EMT/Firefighter Rachal Hansen.

A job well done!  Homey get's kisses of "thanks" at the end of the parade route from GHC President RaeLynn Ricarte, left and GHC member Emily Hansen on the right. 

Homey went to Condon in the afternoon to attend their 4th of July festivities with Mayor Wilcox today. Wonderful American 4th of July atmosphere. Homey seems to always be near the food. Could it be the company he keeps? Lions Club today...more food! At least he doesn't eat much.

Off again with Mayor Wilcox, theRotary Club hosted Homey today. One of their members spent over 1 year in Afghanistan flying Chinook helicopters at age 59. 40 years of training finally paid off! He had to force land two busted eggbeaters and did so with no injuries to the personnel on the ride. Mr. Gnome is praying for all to stay safe.
Homey spent the afternoon with Mayor Wilcox visiting with the Kiwanis Club in The Dalles. I would expect that Homey will get results from his lunchtime visit! Thanks to the gracious hosts!


Today, Homey patiently awaited the arrival of the Thompson Brigade canoes wuth Mayor Wilcox.  The canoes have been traveling from the headwaters of the mighty Columbia and are heading for the mouth. Homey and The Dalles gave them their best welcome of any community yet according to the Brigade members!  Go Homey!

Homey keeping an eye on the crowd watching belly dancers at Jammin' July with Mayor Wilcox in The Dalles....

Then... Homey decides..

........ 'to heck with the crowd' and watches the belly dancers! 

Homey and Mayor Wilcox visited The Dalles VFW Auxiliary to thank them for their continuing strong support of the military!

The VFW welcomed Homey to their monthly meeting. Homey thanked them for their continued support of our military heroes!

Homey visited Columbia Gorge Regional Airport today with Mayor Wilcox. Clear skies & light winds (under 40 mph).

Griffith Motors of The Dalles, Oregon had their 'official' groundbreaking today. Homey was there to make sure it was done right with Mayor Wilcox. Homey thanked Griffith Motors for their continued support of our troops.

Here Homey is having a traditional parade day breakfast at The Dalles Senior Center with Mayor Wilcox prior to the parade. 

Homey getting tied on to the saddle for a ride through the Ft Dalles Rodeo Parade with Mayor Wilcox. He made it in great shape. Local guardsmen passed out 'Homey Campaign of One' flyers along with GHC members along the parade route.   Rain and shine Homey is there supporting our troops!

Homey is on the move again!  Today, he is filling out custom forms and sharing GHC urgent needs list of supplies for their care packages:  Individually packaged drink mixes, cookies, crackers, fruit bars, granola bars, foot powder, foot creams, hygiene wipes and cards and letter of support! 

Items can be dropped off at:  WAAAM (The Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum in Hood River, The Oregon National Guard Armory in The Dalles or Windermere Glen Taylor Realtors in Bingen, Washington.

Thank you!

Homey was hosted on 'KODL Coffee Break' by Al Wynn this morning. Tall microphones are tough on 10 inch people. Looking forward to the MCMC Armed Forces Appreciation Picnic tomorrow.

Homey and friends at the Mid-Columbia Medical Center Military Appreciation Day - Thank you MCMC!

Homey joins District 59 Representative John Huffman & troops at the MCMC Armed Forces Picnic. Good turnout of past & present soldiers on a beautiful day!


Hood River Mayor Arthur Babbits accepts foster care of Homey on the KACI/KHIR morning talk show with Mark Bailey from  Mayor Wilcox from The Dalles. We worked around the 'visuals on radio' problem. Thank you Mark and BiCoastal Media for helping us get the message out. Keep those letters coming for our troops!

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go. Homey is earning his keep today in Parkdale, Oregon at Montavon Berries. Here, Homey is making sure one blueberry goes in the bucket and one in either his tummy or his pockets!

From Mayor Jim Wilcox of The Dalles, Oregon. "Homey made an appearance at the Oregon Mayors Association annual meeting in Madras. He was well received. Everyone wanted in the picture to show their support".

Homey's Bro's Spread Cheer To America's Troops

Where are Homey's deployed Bros and what are they up to?

This combat gnome was kidnapped from supply by soldiers in Iraq who took him on patrol and delighted an interpreter, who thought that the gnome was Santa Claus!

Received  from the HQ for the 649th En Co:

Greetings from FOB Orgun-E Afghanistan, the home of HQ for the 649th EN CO. We are the recipients of two of your Combat Gnomes and I must say, excited to get the party started.

Attached is a photo of both gnomes in front of our Company Headquarter building here at FOB Orgun-E. These Battle Buddies are now going to be split up, one flying by black hawk to our 2nd Platoon location and the other taking out soon on a mission which is OPSEC (really).

The 649th is a National Guard horizontal engineering company based out of Chico, CA. We were deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and have been in country since January 2011. The timing of receiving your fun challenge is perfect, things are heating up..both temperature and project wise. Morale has not been the greatest and I truly believe this inter-platoon challenge will really get our Joe's motivated again. What an awesome idea!

Thank you for your thoughtfulness, and we look forward to providing your Facebook with some great Gnome Adventures.

Engineer's lead the way..Hooah

Alpha Company of the 3-116 CAV, Oregon National Guard is checking in with one of Homey's Bros "Roamie Gnome" from Joint Base Balad in Iraq. 


Hey Roamie Gnome - thanks for checking in with us! Glad to see the Oregon National Guard 3-116 A Company is taking good care of you!!! Thanks Spec DeLeon for the cool pic!


Leroy The Gnome Checks In From With The Marines on The Front Lines Of Afghanistan
Homey The Homefront Gnome's Brothers-In-Arms

Leroy the Gnome has settled in nicely with our Marines in Afghanistan and has been busy fixing equipment and performing the usual and accustomed tasks of a combat gnome. Go Leroy!

HQ for the 649th EN CO - Afghanistan

649th En Co member Douglas Shaw checks in with Homey's bro in their unit.  He is strapped down and ready to roll!  Reports are that the local "took a double take" on seeing him!

and another:
Douglas R Shaw's Photos

"Few and far between are our photos due to the current pace of our missions... 2Plt's Gnome sat proud during his most recent mission..Pictured here as a True Engineer, always leading the way!".... Shaw reports.


Homey's Bro checks in from Poo Lake located in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  His Bro is stationed with the 422 SIG BN S3 National Guard unit.  They are reporting that the fishing isn't very good in Poo Lake, but they had a great time showing him around!



Homey heard from his Bro who is stationed with the Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV A Company from The Dalles, OR overnight. He reports that the temps in their location are upwards of 119 degrees in Iraq. They are doing good, enjoying the Freezer Pops GHC sent and wanted to thank everyone for their support!

Homey's Bro stationed with the Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV A Co from The Dalles, Or is checking into day. He is ready with his new camo headband as he head's out for a mission in Iraq. Your Bro is in good hands Homey! Go Guard!
Homey's Bro is hard at work with the Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV, A Co stationed in Iraq with some computer work. Homey wanted us to pass on his thanks for taking the time to send in the pics of his bros!

There is no place like, "Gnome".... please check back often to see Homey's and his Bro's adventures!