Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gorge Heroes Club Sends "Thanks" To PGR For Upcoming Oregon Veteran's Home Event

A CALL TO ACTION - Patriot Guard Riders

SATURDAY, JULY 16th, 2011 “4th Annual”

11am – 4pm

Oregon Veteran's Home - The Dalles, Oregon

“A Visitation – A Gathering – A Salute to All Veterans”

Special Invitation to all NW Veterans Motorcycle groups


Spread the word about this Motorcycle visitation. An amazing gathering of respect. There is no fee. That cost has been paid with honor by all of you who have served. This event is a meet and greet and open to everyone, whether they ride or not. We will visit with residents of OVH and with each other. Arrive when you want and stay as long as you are inspired to do so. Bring your flags. It is our hope that OVH will be totally surrounded by a Motorcycle cordon of pride.

Distance to The Dalles from: (miles) Salem 132, Gladstone 93, Gresham 71, Vancouver 87, Pendleton 127, Kennewick 131, Bend 130, Yakima 103. Join us for a great day ride with honor.


From I-84 to The Dalles Exit 87, South to Hwy 197 junction, left 1/4 mile, left on Columbia View and back up the hill. From Central Oregon Hwy 97 to Hwy 197 to The Dalles. Just past the Auction Yard turn right on Columbia View. Up the hill to 700 Veterans Drive.

Also plan to visit the Multi-Conflict War Memorial at Sorosis Park, just 4 miles from OVH.

Hosted by local members of the Patriot Guard Riders. “4th Annual”

Contact info: 541-993-6413 e-mail: 541-296-7190 / 800-846-8460

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gorge Heroes Club Receives Certificate of Appreciation from Delta Company of Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV- Iraq

The Gorge Heroes Club is honored to be the recipient of a certificate of appreciation for our support of the Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV, Delta Company. 

The certificate reads: "Certificate of Appreciation - Delta Company 3-116 - The Soldiers of the Delta Company 3-116 would like to recognize the Gorge Heroes Club.  Your support increased unit morale during our deployment in Operation New Dawn 2010-2011.

Signed: CPT Jamie J Roscoe, Commander - Delta Company 3rd Battalion, 116th Cavalry Regiment
1SG Daniel J Ishaug, First Sergeant - Delta Company 3rd Battalion, 116th Cavalry Regiment

The Gorge Heroes Club extends our thanks the Delta Company of the 3-116 CAV for this recognition and we are honored to be supporting you! 

Your GHC

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gorge Heroes Club Receives Certificate of Appreciation From Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV G Company

The Gorge Heroes Club is honored to have received a "Certificate of Appreciation" from the Oregon National Guard G Company 145th BSB, 3-116 CAV.

The certificate reads:  "Certificate of Appreciation in honor of your outstanding performance and dedication we gladly present Gorge Heroes Club - For performance excellance in Supporting G CO during Operation New Dawn 1. 

Signed: Shawn L Reiss, CPT FA Commanding
Peter Fitzgerald, 1SG, USA

The Gorge Heroes Club is honored to have received this certificate of appreciation and we also honored to be supporting your unit!

With pride,
Your GHC

Monday, June 6, 2011

GHC To Hold Special Mid-Shipment Care Package Assembly

The Gorge Heroes Club will be holding a mid-shipment box packing on Thursday, June 9th, 7PM at the Oregon National Guard Armory in The Dalles, Oregon.  We will be packing care boxes for both the Hood River and The Dalles GHC Chapter's.  With temperatures in both Iraq and Afghanistan are on the rise, GHC has received request for additional individual drink mixes and freezer pops from our hometown heroes.  Can you, your business or organization help GHC provide for our heroes by contributing the requested items or helping pay for the shipping costs?  GHC is a non-profit organization, so all your contributions are tax deductible.  We thank you and our heroes thank you!  If you can help, please drop us as line at

Your GHC

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Operation "Day In The Life Of A Miltary Gnome" Has Begun!

The Gorge Heroes Club's, Operation "Day In The Life Of A Military Gnome" has begun!  Over the past few weeks, GHC has made contact with our hometown heroes stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan and letting them know of our fun filled Gnome contest. All units are reporting that they are "ready" for the mission! Each vying  to outdo the other units!  

Here are the details of the contest:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enter a photo challenge with the Gorge Heroes Club Combat Gnome other prizes for your unit.

Twelve gnomes will be embedded with Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine units at duty stations across Iraq and Afghanistan. You will be competing against these units for the grand prize or a second or third place finish, which will provide your squad, team or platoon with extra snacks and supplies.

To qualify a photo, you must follow these rules of engagement:

1) Don't risk your life for your gnome; the mythical creature is replaceable and you are not.

2) You must name your gnome and that name should be included with every photo (please number them) that is submitted by your unit.

3) Pictures submitted to will be posted on our website and Facebook pages.

4) Creativity is a plus in this assignment so feel free to portray your gnome in combat settings that are both real and fictitious but grounded in reality. This includes any awards that your embedded gnome has earned, i.e., decorations for valor, etc. You should also truthfully state if your gnome has been subjected to disciplinary action.

5) All photos should be submitted to GHC by midnight (Pacific time) on Sunday, July 31, for consideration. If your unit is in the process of returning to the states so that prizes cannot be mailed, they will be furnished to your base so the tournament can take place there.

6) Your gnome should be inherited by your replacement unit and these Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines should be notified about how to contact GHC for eligibility in future competitions.

We hope these gnomes will help you find some enjoyment during the hot summer months and boost the morale of your unit. We also hope that they bring you luck during the times when it is most needed.

Be well and know that you are greatly appreciated by GHC and this is our way to show support for the sacrifices that you are making on behalf of a grateful nation.  Let the fun begin!

Your GHC