The Gorge Heroes Club is honored to pass on these "Letters of Thanks" to our deployed warriors. If you would like to have one of your letters of support posted here for our deployed warriors to read, please send it to:


Dear Friend,
I write to let you know some things:
1) Your sacrifice on behalf of us at home is more appreciated than you can ever believe;
2) You are loved and missed not only by your family, but your community;
3). We will spend the rest of our lives trying to repay the debt we owe to you for your sacrifice; and
4). We count the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes 'till you come home to all of us.

Thank you, T Peachey
Dear Service Member,
I am writing this letter to encourage you in your service to our great nation.  Your willingness to volunteer and serve your country is inspiring.  I am a City Councilor in The Dalles, Oregon and we have been very supportive of the troops and both myself individually, and as a group on the Council we want to express our deep thanks and gratitude.

You may know that our Mayor, the Honorable James Wilcox, has been traveling with Homey the Gnome and encouraging our citizens to support the troops. Homey has been met with great enthusiasm and it is obvious that in our neck of the woods here the troops are held in high regard!

Please know that we are praying for your safety. 

Brian Ahler - The Dalles, OR

Dear Soldier, 
I am writing to say, "THANK YOU" to you for all you are doing for our country.  I do appreciate the sacrifices you are making.   Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. 

With much gratitude,
S. Peachy

Dear Soldier, 
I appreciate you!  You are my hero!  You are my inspiration! You are the reason I run every day!  I am a future soldier of America and you keep me going!  I only hope to someday make someone as proud of me as I am of you.  I have never met you, but from the bottom of my heart, I am so proud of you!  Each and every one of you.  My first PT test at Future Soldier Training was last Thursday.  I got 33 push ups, 45 sit ups and 20 minutes for 2 miles.  And I ran every step.  I saw other recruits walking parts of the run, but I refused!  I showed up for a 2 mile run, not a 2 mile walk and I will never quit and I will never accept defeat.  Hoorah!  And I must tell you the 1st time I stood there, screaming the soldiers creed, screaming the words, "I AM AN AMERICAN SOLDIER" I was on cloud nine.  I felt like I was at the bottom of a giant hill to trumpet.  I wish you the best.  Hoorah, Laurie
Dear Soldier,
I just wanted to thank you so much for what you are doing.  I try to do little things to help people along in their lives.  For 14 years now I have visited those who have terminal illness.  I really enjoy what I do.  It always makes me feel so much better if I will get out and go see what others are dealing with in their lives.  Then I get to go home to a livable temperated house and relax.  Not you, how can you  continue to live and work day after day in such hot temperatures?  And all that dirt and sand day after day.  Your body doesn't have near the comfort I do.  Not at night, not when you get back to camp, not when you even get up in the morning.

You have put your life on hold while you go serve America day after day while you deal with all the elements you do.  You risk your very own life for all of us at home.  Truly I thank you for your unselfish love.  So many of you come home with hurt bodies and spirits.  We pray for you often and I know God is keeping you in his care.  God is still busy doing little miracles all around us every day.  We don't always get to see it though.  So keep a thankful heart and remember we are really proud of each of you. 

I am one of the Gorge Hero Club members.  I am a 73 year old Grandma.  Now you mind your peas and ques and get back home to us safe and soon!  Love, Myres