Monday, June 28, 2010

Operation Marine Cook Stoves -Mission Complete

Good news! The duel-fuel stoves that GHC purchased with our members help and community donations have arrived in Afghanistan. GHC received word from the unit's Lt Col this morning that not only did the stoves arrive, but four of the five, 50lb boxes of food arrived in the same shipment.

The Lt Col wanted to pass on "thanks" to all of GHC members and the community. They really appreciate the support. Now, our Marines will not only be able to have hot food to eat, they will also be able to heat water for hygiene purposes. (Some are reporting no showers in over 3 months)

GHC would like to thank the following person(s)/businesses or organizations who helped make this project possible:

Willis Family and Gorge Delights
Safeway Hood River
Hood River Liquor Store
John and Julie Benton
Ron and Charlene Rivers
Kidz Dental Zone
White Salmon Lions Club
Dick Kenward
Laurent Picard
Aaron Bullack
Ray Spooner
Carmen VandenBos
Faye Fehrs
Don Nunamaker Realtors
Kathy Ciari
Tina Murphy and Church members for helping us pack the 50 lb food boxes

GHC would like to thank all of you for jumping in quickly and helping our hometown heroes in need. It makes a huge difference in their morale and job performance while also helping to insure a safe return home to their loved ones. Congratulations on a job well done!


Your GHC

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update-Our Home Town Hero Marines

Below are some photo's that have come in from our Marine Home Town Hero unit currently fighting on the front lines in Marjah, Afghanistan. Due to security reasons, we are withholding their names.

Our heroes send their many thanks for your continued support.
Your GHC

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GHC Invited To WAAAM's Second Saturday Fly In's

The Gorge Heroes Club is excited to announce that we have been asked to take part in the "Second Saturday Fly In's" at WAAAM - The Western Antique Areoplane & Automobile Museum in Hood River, Oregon.

WAAAM has one of the largest collections of still-flying antique aeroplanes and still-driving antique automobiles in the country. The items on display at this museum are not only full of history... they're full of LIFE! Aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, military jeeps and engines all get their day in the sun again at WAAAM.

The Second Saturday Fly In's are better known as "Volunteer's Play Day". Visitors can watch planes take off and land, and hitch a ride in one of their antique cars. Please visit the WAAAM website for a video of last month's Fly In fun!

GHC will have a fundraising booth at the monthly events to sell our GHC t-shirts and support bands.

Please visit WAAAM's direct link to find out more about this awesome place:

Here is a link to a recent article from the Hood River News:

Your GHC

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marine Unit Update - Dual Stove URGENT Request

GHC has received word from the front lines in Marjah, Afghanistan this morning that our first care packages have arrived! Mail time is approximately 6 weeks to get to our Marines. They have reported that they haven't been able to take a shower in 2 months!

The Marines also send their many thanks for the care packages. We are told it is, "just like Christmas"... and the Marine Captain also reports that the morale of his unit is greatly increased due to receiving a care package from home!

GHC would like to thank those individuals/organizations who are helping us provide the requested items to these brave Marines. We are in it for the long haul and have pledged continued support through their year long deployment.

GHC received a request for 4 dual fuel cook stoves for the Marine unit. They cost $150 each. Your tax deductible financial support to purchase these stoves for them to cook with and to use to heat water for hygiene purposes will be greatly appreciated.

Please drop off donated care package items at the Hood River News Office on State Street in Hood River during business hours. If you would like to make a monetary donation for urgent need supplies or cook stove purchases, there is secure link on the right hand side of this blog. Or you can mail your donations to:

Gorge Heroes Club
1767 12th Street #113
Hood River, Oregon 97031

Other news:

The following pictures where sent to GHC from one of our members - Names have been withheld due to security reasons:

Sand storm....


Your GHC

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oregon National Guard Member SFC Norris Awards Naval Widow During Memorial Day Ceremony

The Gorge Heroes Club worked with the Oregon National Guard, American Legion Post 22 and other officials from the Veterans Service Council to organize the 2010 Memorial Day ceremony in Hood River. We were proud to once again provide the local community with a service at Idlewilde Cemetery that paid respect to the nation's fallen warriors and honored the brave men and women who are currently defending our freedoms on foreign battlefields.

SFC. Garry Norris, as the keynote speaker, told the audience of about 300 people that the observance of cleaning and decorating the graves of warriors in a showing of respect began in 1863 and was originally known as "Declaration Day" before it became an officially-sanctioned event. "Unfortunately, for many Americans, Memorial Day has simply become a three-day weekend," said Norris. "They have forgotten what the military stands for in our history. They have forgotten that these soldiers died to preserve their freedoms to have a safe three-day weekend."

Mildred Goe, the widow of a Navy pilot lost at sea 66 years ago, was given a flag flown in honor of Ensign Charles Bratcres over the nation's capital. There had never been a funeral service for the World War II veteran because his body was not recovered from the South Pacific. At age 86, Goe was finally able to find closure for this unfinished chapter in her life and has arranged to have a gravestone for Bratcres placed next to her future burial site.

Idlewilde was a busy, and somber, place to be on Monday with hundreds of colorful flags flying, the Hood River Valley High School Band playing patriotic songs and area service organizations carrying floral wreaths to the Veterans Obelisk.

Your GHC


Our Heroes Need Our Help

The Gorge Heroes Club received an urgent needs request from one of our Hometown Heroes who is fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan. This brave Marine is in a unit of 5, including one medic. Having a medic with them on patrol, gives us a good indication of their daily lives.

As the reports come in , we are learning that these Marines are digging holes in the ground to sleep in right, holes that are often shared by spiders and insects. As the daily heat is now hitting upwards of 110 degrees, our troops are carrying upwards of 130lbs of survival gear on their backs. Showers are available to these men once every 30 days or so and they are living off military rations of dehydrated foods. The lips of men in these infantry units are blistered and cracked from exposure to the elements. Their primary mode of transportation -- their feet -- are sweating and blistering. Their eyes and ears fill up with grit as the massive sand storms swallow everything in sight for hours on end. Dehydration is an issue from the heat; followed by frequent bouts of diarrhea. And their food rations are often short because they are sharing their meals with the village elders to help build a strong relationship between the Afghans and Americans.

Statistics have said that every soldiers touches more than 300 lives in their own home towns. These brave heroes could be your neighbor, your child, your minister's son or daughter, your classmate, co-worker or friend.

The Gorge Heroes Club needs your help in providing the following items for our urgent need Hometown Heroes:

Hygiene Wipes (Individual Packages)
Foot Powder
Knee High Over-The-Calf Black Socks
Anti-Fungal Cream
Individual Powdered Drink Mixes (Crystal Light, Gator Aide, etc)
Hard Candy (To pass out to the children from the villages)

Please drop of donated items to the Hood River News Office on State Street in Hood River during business hours. If you would like to make a monetary donation for urgent need supplies, there is secure link on the right hand side of this blog. Or you can mail your donations to:
Gorge Heroes Club
1767 12th Street #113
Hood River, Oregon 97031
The Gorge Heroes Club is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible.

Please take a moment of your day and visualize yourself in the boots of our troops. These are our community's "adopted children" who are fighting to preserve the many freedoms that we, as Americans, can cherish. Your rights have been preserved for many generations by the courageous veterans who have fought throughout history to defend their country. Please say "thank you" by helping GHC provide our troops with some of these urgent need items. Your donations will go a long way in keeping the morale high and helping to ensure a safe return home for our soldiers, sailors, airman and Marines.

Our Heroes thank you.

Your GHC