Thursday, May 31, 2012

GHC Receives "Thanks" From 1-143rd Infantry Regiment - Rhode Island National Guard

Hello from Afghanistan!

My name is Jeremy Aucoin, and I am a US Army First Lieutenant, currently stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. My platoon just received your much needed care packages, and wanted to thank Kyle McCullough and the rest of the Gorge Heroes Club.

The platoon I lead is part of C Company, 1-143d Infantry Regiment, Rhode Island Army National Guard. We were recently were assigned to the Oregon National Guard 1186th MPs here in Kabul...just in case you were wondering why a bunch of Yankees got their hands on your care packages! Our mission here is to advise and mentor local police in the capital.

We really appreciate your dedication and support. The packages were a definite morale booster, not only because of the great snacks, but also because of the story behind them. Please pass along our gratitude to the club, and all that were involved.


Jeremy Aucoin, 1LT

1LT Aucoin,

It is our honor to be able to support you during your deployment.  We will forward your "thanks" onto Kyle McCullough.  He is an incredible Warrior - just as you and your entire unit are.  Please continue to know that we support your efforts to defend our freedoms 110% and please also convey our "thanks" to everyone in your unit.

Hugs from home!