Monday, July 27, 2009

Pics of Army PVT N Salas 7/27

I got the package and everything made. Thanks again for the goodies, they really hit the spot. Last night I flew over your son's location. It was a quiet mission, which is really good for the guys on the ground. I have one week until I get back to Georgia and see my wife. The Blog spot looks great. I look forward to more from the blog spot.

Major Ken
Dear Terri,

I got your package number 7 today, number 6 is still floating around Iraq somewhere!

Last night was a quiet night, we did get some rest. As I write this letter to you, we are enjoying the peanuts and other goodies. The guys want me to say thanks for the whoopee cushion, squirt guns and water balloons. We have been having so much fun. There is nothing like a good old fashioned water fight to pass the time. Most of us haven't had a water fight since we were kids, thanks for the memories.

You rock!

Soldier in Iraq



"Dear Heroes at Home, I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful packages and letters I have received from you all over the past couple months. Knowing that there are people back home thinking about me makes me proud to fight for my country! Thank you gain for everything you have sent. I could not be more grateful."

Navy Hospital Corpsman, Iraq

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gorge Heroes Club Meeting News 7/21

Heroes, your goodies are on their way! Pepperoni, check .....T.P. - check.... Magazines, check.... Hugs and well wishes.... CHECK!

With temperatures nearing Iraqi low's here today, (100) and with sweat running down our faces... the Gorge Heroes Club got busy packaging up monthly care packages to our deployed Heroes from all over the Gorge area. Some of the packages even needed two people to hold the seams closed, while another member quickly taped it closed.

Your care packages are coming to you with great appreciation for everything you do. We are proud of you for your dedication and commitment to this great nation. Please know that with every step you take, we are by your side!

Hugs from your Heroes Club!
Pictured: Heroes Club members, from left, Linda Sanders, exalted ruler of Elks Lodge 1507, Cathy Hamada, Lynn Lamson, RaeLynn Ricarte, Carmen VandenBos, Cam Thomas, Stacey Methvin, Betsy Smith and Daphne Blanchard

Monday, July 20, 2009


"…also had an earthquake last night. At first everyone thought it was a huge car bomb or something, then my rack started sliding around. It only lasted for maybe ten to fifteen seconds and no damage was done, but it paired well with the sandstorms we've been having, like a fine red wine to go with steak"

Marine Captain in Iraq

Dear Ms Hansen,

Thank you for your e-mail introduction. Funny how we are both from Oregon! We just landed in Iraq and we are getting busy setting up our camp. So, far we have been introduced to the heat pretty good and the sand storms. We do have a microwave and would really appreciate some single serving items and bbq. The Army does provide great food, but some of the food tastes much better with bbq sauce.

The only request that we have at this time is for some bibles and letters and bbq sauce. I will write more after we are settled in.

Thank you again for your support. All of us really appreciate it.

Army SFC in Iraq

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thanks Hood River City Council

Hood River National Guard members: SFC Gary Norris, left, Oregon US Congressman Greg Walden, and Spec. Joshua Tilden.

Hood River National Guard Members SFC Hall and SSGT Chacon

GHC News Update: "The Hood River City Council has proclaimed July as National Guard month in recognition of the role that Oregon soldiers play in safeguarding citizens". 7/15/09- Front Page, Hood River News

The Gorge Heroes Club would like to thank the Hood River City Council members for proclaiming July as National Guard month at this past Monday's council meeting.

For the complete story, click here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gorge Heroes Pics From the Lines 7/13/09

This weekly Heroes Pics - July, 13, 2009 (Some names have been withheld... but, we know who are Heroes are:)

Marine W/Interpreter:
Heroes just landing: LCPL Kotara & Kids:
Marines on patrol
AFSS Thompson on patrol:

Army SGT Berg & kids:

Marines camped out:

We salute our Heroes for their dedication and commitment to this great nation!
Do you have pics or letters you would like to share? Please send them to:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Freezer Pops Are On Their Way!

RaeLynn reports:

I am sending off the freezer pops to Iraq and Afghanistan this week so tell your kids to watch for them!!!

"Ma'am, I can't thank you enough for the package of goodies I got in the mail while deployed here. It was excellent timing also. We were going to do a long mission over Afghanistan and the extra goodies were great. The flavored ice treats were also very good. Its an unusual treat that we got over here. The card was also very nice with all the encouraging notes from everyone. My crew thought it was very cool that a group from Hood River took the time. I also enjoyed the reading material, American Rifleman. Excellent choice. We are taking care of business over here. The troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan will still need prayer. And Afghanistan is really getting busy again. Seven caskets for troops killed in Afghanistan came through here last night. It was a sobering reminder that the war on the ground will still be tough. Keep up the support and hope your son is doing well."
Major Ken from Iraq


Dear Ms. Hansen,

I would like to take the opportunity to express mine and my unit's gratitude in receiving the care packages full of stuffed animals, shoes and socks for the local children. It is really comforting to know that we have such great support back home. Please also thank the Heroes Club for helping with the care packages. The children loved the animals and it makes our job much easier for us when we can tuck a few small stuffed animals in our packs to hand out to the children we see during our tours. I am sorry for the late response. Things have been moving here rather quickly. Please also thank Cindy from Eagle One Thrift Store for the extra socks she sent along to us. Smiles all around! I will write more then I have a chance. Thanks again!
USMC - Afghanistan


Dear Terri,

I have to start this e-mail off by telling you how grateful we are to have received your care packages today. As you know, we have been on the move and our mail has finally caught up to us. It was wonderful and so uplifting to see your care packages sitting on my bunk when I got back from our recent mission. I was even more happy to see the T.P! Funny how a roll of toilet paper can make a person's day. I had four of your care packages on my bunk, blessing me with 4 rolls of toilet paper and other goodies. Our supplies haven't caught up with us yet, so you really are an Angel. I have two kids in my unit that are foster children, so I have been sharing your care package items with them.

Please also thank your daycare children for the pictures. I have posted them on the tent wall above the table we set up with your goodies. Your cakes in a jar are also a big hit. They made is safely here and didn't last very long! Please tell Ignacio that we do have some strange animals here and really ugly bugs. There are these cat like animals that jump from tent roof to tent every night. I think they do it just to have fun. But, they do eat the large looking cockroach like bugs we have here, so that is a plus!

This week hits the middle of my third tour. We are now in tents and the candles you sent are working great to dampen the musty smell of the tents. Showers are few and far between, so the candles helped out with other smells, if you know what I mean.

The body cooler that you made me is a huge hit! I use it without the cover and it works great. Temperatures have been upwards of 110 here for quite awhile now. We did manage to pack away our little freezer, so I am able to put the cooler in it to chill it before I hit the rack. Thank you! When I head out on a mission, I share it with the other guys, so it will get plenty of use.

Last night was pretty active here, mortars going off all night. I am not to worried. They can't shoot very well. We will probably be in this location for awhile, so your care packages should get to me a lot quicker than 6 weeks now.

Thanks for sending me the Sponge Bob birthday card to sent to my son. I know he is going to wonder how I got a card like this to send him for his birthday. I am going to tell him that an Angel sent it to me!

Thanks again for all you are doing for us, it really means a great deal.

Your friend,

Army SSgt - Iraq