Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hood River Hero CPTN Dale Goetz, Chaplain US Army Dies In Afghanistan

CPTN Dale Goetz, Chaplain US Army

With a sad heart... GHC has learned this morning that one of our Hometown Heroes, CPTN Dale Goetz, Chaplain US Army died Monday morning, Aug. 30, in Afghanistan. CPTN Goetz was one of four men killed by a roadside bomb while traveling in a convoy near Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. CPTN Goetz was a 1986 graduate of Horizon Christian School, Hood River, Or.

CPTN Goetz deployed to Afghanistan on Aug. 4 of 2010 and had a prior deployment to Iraq in 2004-05. CPTN Goetz will leave behind his wife Christina and three children.

 Please keep this Hero and his family in your hearts and prayers.

Hood River News link: http://www.hoodrivernews.com/august_goetz%20death.htm

Monday, August 30, 2010

News from our Heroes

GHC has received news from our Marines fighting on the front lines in Marjah.  It's a simple message... "The stoves kick ass!"  We are glad to hear it Marines!  Enjoy your warm meals, more care packages and water filtration systems are on their way!  Hoorah! 

GHC would like to thank it's members for jumping in and helping our Marines.  You are awesome!

Here one of our Home Town heroes receives a warm welcome from the village children.  (His name has been withheld due to security reasons).

Other Hero News:

"Dear GHC,
Thank you so much for the care packages I am receiving.  I share them with my unit.  We really appreciate the support."  A Marine stationed in Marjah
The following is a portion of a letter GHC received from one of our Home Town Heroes. Portions have been removed for security reasons:

"Dear GHC,
I really appreciate everything you are doing for me.  I joined the Navy to be a corpsman.  That's one of the best things that happened to me.  I got attached to a Marine Company and just love it.  I got chosen to be part of this team and it has been the most incredible experiences that I've had.  I just love my team and they are like big brothers to me.  I am not letting anything happen to my brothers.  I plan on taking them all back home safe and sound. I won't let any of you down. Thank you for all your support and believing in me.  Say hello to everyone for me. With gratitude, Doc".

"Dear GHC,
Tell everyone we are all doing great, and the weather is cooling down. We are in the middle of a sandstorm, so, it makes it cooler. I just wish the breeze would stop. It's not like in Hood River, there is no wind surfing here. LOL.  Thanks again, MSGT Perez, Afghanistan"

Oregon National Guard News:
The members of the Hood River and The Dalles units of the Oregon National Guard have been conducting pre-deployment training at Gowen Field.  Thank your for your dedication and commitment!

Thanks received for a community member to our heroes to pass on:
"Dear Troops: God Bless and keep you in His love and protecting arms. You are in my daily prayers. We are so proud of all of you, protecting our beloved country. Again, may God keep you all safe and keep your families in His peace."

More Hero News:
We welcome Army Pvt. Shawn Chance home from a harrowing one-year deployment to Afghanistan. This soldier was assigned to the Fifth Stryker Brigade in Helmand Province that sustained many casualties. Welcome home Hero! We are glad that you returned safe and sound and it was our great honor to support you!

Army Sgt. Adam VandenBos could be heading to Afghanistan within the next two months.  GHC will be there to support you with great pride!

Army Pvt. Aaron Moses will be medically discharged in September due to back problems that have developed during his training at a base in Texas. Moses is a new father and will be transitioning back into the civilian world and we wish him and his family all of the best!

Army Pvt. Austin Grimm was severely burned in a training accident several months ago and is still recovering from his injuries. For that reason, he did not deploy to Afghanistan with his unit this spring and, although offered a discharge, he chose to remain in the military. Even in training, life can be dangerous for our Heroes and our prayers go out to this young soldier as with our all our heroes.

Army Pilot Amber Smith will complete her military contract in August and return to civilian life. Smith flew gunships to protect ground units during deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan and we thank her very much for her excellent service. GHC had the opportunity to visit with Amber recently and it was enlightening to hear about her experiences in the combat zones. Her sisters, Lacey and Kelly, remain in the military as Army and Air Force pilots, respectively.

GHC would like to welcome home Army Ssgt. Enid Hernandez.  We appreciate your dedication and commitment.  We wish you well!  We are honored to be supporting you during your deployment.


Your GHC

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Countdown Begins For SSGT Christian Bagge's New Home

The countdown begins for this Friday mornings opening ceremonies for the Homes For Our Troops building of Hood River's Hometown Hero SSGT Christian Bagge's new home. The ceremony is set to being at 8:30AM at the build site located on Nastasi Drive near Mt. Hood, Oregon. The build will run Friday, August 27th - Sunday, August 29th.

The Gorge Heroes Club has been assisting Homes For Our Troops, a national organization that is dedicated to building homes for injured troops with this event.    GHC has been securing donations of food and drinks for the volunteers all three days, as well as helping with the scheduling of the procession to the build site prior to the opening ceremonies as well as the ceremony itself. 

SSGT Bagge and his family will be proudly escorted by the Parkdale Oregon Rural Fire Department along with  representation from every fire department in Hood River Valley.  The Hood River County Sheriff's Department will also be in the procession as well as officials from Wasco County, the Patriot Guard Riders and members of the Gorge Gospel Riders.

The procession will begin at the Parkdale, Oregon Fire Station at approximately 8:15AM Friday morning and proceed north on Hwy 35 to the build site. Those attending are asked to park along HWY 35. Additional parking is available at the Valley Worship Center on Hwy 35, near the event site.

GHC would like to thank those who have donated to this event.  The response GHC has received has been nothing but remarkable!  We are truly blessed to have such dedicated individuals and businesses supporting GHC and our hometown heroes!

Please visit this link for additional information about this event:

Driving Directions:

Off Oregon's I-84 heading East from Portland, OR, take exit 64.

Head south on HWY 35 towards Odell, OR/Mt Hood, OR approx 10 miles.

(You will go PAST the town of Odell junction, continue on up the mountain)

Nastasi drive is located on the right hand side of the hwy about one mile past a lumber mill which will be on your left. (The two lane hwy will change to one lane just before Nastasi Road)
Questions can be directed to:
Your GHC

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Volunteers Needed To Help Build Home For Wounded Hometown Hero

SSGT Christian Bagge

President Bush and SSGT Bagge jogging on the White House Grounds.

Gorge Heroes Club (GHC) received a request for help from Home For Our Troops, a national organization that builds homes for wounded troops. They will be in Parkdale, Oregon on Friday, August 27, for three days building a new home for Ssgt. Christian Bagge, who lost his legs during a deployment in Iraq. Government dignitaries and representatives from participating investment firms, construction companies, media and volunteers will be present.

GHC is helping coordinate volunteers, item donations and the  program for the "opening ceremonies" before the work begins on the home. The opening ceremony will be held at 8:30AM on Friday, August 27th. For this event, we are requesting manpower and cookies from our members.

Here is the breakdown on the time frame for volunteering:
· Friday - 8AM to 6PM - Man the booth handing out drinks and snacks. Donate cookies for this day. We are expecting to feed 150 volunteers.

· Saturday - 8AM to 12 Noon - Man the booth handing out drinks and snacks.

· Saturday 12 Noon - 2PM - Help with the BBQ

· Saturday 2 PM to 6PM - Man the booth handing out drinks and snacks. Donate cookies for this day. We are expecting to feed 150 volunteers.

· Sunday - 8AM to 6PM - Man the booth handing out drinks and snacks. Donate cookies for this day. We are expecting to feed 150 volunteers.
Here is a link about the event:

If you can volunteer your time to help man the booth or supply cookies please e-mail us directly at: GHC@gorge.net.

Volunteers are also need to help build his new home.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Your GHC

UPDATE Tuesday - August 18th

GHC has just received word that they are in urgent need of FRAMERS - NAIL GUNS & COMPRESSORS for the event.  If you can help, please contact us directly at ghc@gorge.net for details.

Any further urgent need requests will be posted both here and on the GHC Facebook page. 

The schedule of events will be posted here at the beginning of next week.