Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gorge Heroes Club Gathers To Show Support For The Oregon National Guard 1186 MP As It Deploys

GHC, community and PGR members lining the overpass in support of the Oregon National Guard 1186 MP Unit.  Photo by GHC member Carol Roderick.
Members of Oregon National Guard 1186 MP unit got a welcome surprise as they passed through the City of The Dalles yesterday afternoon.  The Gorge Heroes Club invited members of the community to come and line the overpass to show their support for our Warriors who are being deployed to Afghanistan.

GHC planned the event but never shared it with the unit.  We wanted it to be a total surprise... and it was! Their supporters stayed on the overpass until every one of the 40+ unit vehicles had passed, spanning several hours.   GHC received thumbs up and a huge "You Rock" from the unit members and 2LT Fike. 

The Gorge Heroes Club is honored to be supporting the Warriors of the 1186 during their deployment. 

With pride,
Your GHC

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SGT Richard Chance of the Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV Receives Combat Infantryman Badge

SGT. RICHARD CHANCE receives the Combat Infantryman Badge from Lt. Col. Phil Appleton at Joint Base Balad, Iraq. Contributed photo Staff Sgt. Pat Caldwell

By Staff Sgt. Pat Caldwell

JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq — The day Sgt. Richard Chance’s Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle crew ran out of water, the enemy did not arrive in the form of an improvised explosive device, but instead appeared as invisible waves of heat on a stretch of Iraqi roadway more than 7,000 miles from home.

Chance, a member of Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 116th Cavalry Regiment, 77th Sustainment Brigade, 310th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, remembered the day well, even though the episode occurred two months ago.

“Coming back from [Victory Base Complex, Iraq] near Baghdad, the AC in our truck went out before we got out of the gate,” he said.

Chance, a resident of The Dalles, and his crew were suddenly enclosed in a 30,000-pound metal oven. The same armor that kept them safe from roadside bombs and small-arms fire was now burning hot.

“I figure in the truck, it was 150 degrees,” Chance said.

The crew, Chance said, did not have a lot of options. Their mission of escorting a logistics convoy was the number one priority. The mission came first, so they toughed it out.

“We went through four cases of water in 2.5 hours,” Chance said.

The air conditioning in Chance’s MRAP was fixed after the mission, but the episode underscores the harsh conditions soldiers from the 3rd Battalion deal with on a daily basis. Chance said air conditioning in an MRAP is crucial during the Iraq summer, when temperatures routinely hit 115 or 120 degrees during the day. But he said no amount of air conditioning can take the heat away.

“It doesn’t matter. You’re still going to sweat,” he said.

Chance, who came to live in The Dalles when he was eight years old, is one of the veterans in Alpha Company. Chance served with the 3rd Battalion when it first came to Iraq in 2004. He emerged from the 3rd Battalion’s first deployment with plenty of accolades. He earned a Bronze Star with V device, a Purple Heart and a Combat Action Badge during the battalion’s 2004-2005 deployment.

In June, Chance earned another honor. He was awarded the Combat Infantryman’s Badge in the wake of a roadside bomb attack earlier that month. Chance received the honor during a ceremony at Joint Base Balad. The roadside bomb attack happened just after Chance returned from his leave.

“Yeah, welcome back to Iraq,” he said with a smile.

Chance said while the roads his company travels on during its convoy escort missions are still dangerous, the MRAPs proved to be a game-changer in terms of survivability for soldiers.

“The MRAPS, they are saving a lot of Joes,” Chance said.

Chance spent eight years in the U.S. Navy as a jet mechanic. He left the Navy, and after the deadly terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, he decided to get back into the fight.

“I found out the [3rd Battalion] was getting ready to deploy, and I joined,” he said.

With two tours of duty in Iraq under his belt, Chance secured the opportunity to see the strengths of the modern U.S. military. He has formed some definite opinions during two deployments, he said.

“I think we have the best military in the world, but that is because it is all volunteer,” he said.

Chance also said he believes his unit performed well while deployed. “I think Alpha [Company] has done well with the mission it got,” he said.

With his current deployment winding down, Chance said he plans to keep his crew vigilant. He also added there is a checklist of items he wants to complete when he returns home.

“I want to spend some time with my grandma in Baker City. Then go hunt elk, second season,” he said.
Congratulations SGT Chance! It has been an honor to have supported you during your deployment.

Your GHC

Monday, August 22, 2011

GHC Receives "Thanks" From 1249 Eng Battalion, Afghanistan

The Gorge Heroes Club is honored to receive this "Note of Thanks" from the 1249 Engineering Battalion  serving proudly in Afghanistan.

The letter reads:

Thank you again for the gift boxes we recently received from your here at FOB Sharana.  The operation of the Agape Store will continue to benefit the soldiers at this location due to your generosity.  As you know, we have soldiers from all over the post coming for free gifts. It is uplifting to see the support of all of us from home and here on the FOB.  Thank you for everything you have done and your support in the future!


CPT Richard Barnes, Chaplain
HHC 1249 EN BN


Dear CPT Barnes,

It is our great honor to be able to support the members of the 1249 Engineer Battalion.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to ensure those serving proudly on the front lines receive our support from home. 

Your GHC

Gorge Heroes Club President, RaeLynn Ricarte Is Featured On "Localite" Television Show

Gorge Heroes Club President, RaeLynn Ricarte pays a visit on a recent Localite Television Station! Check out how GHC is working hard every day to continue support for our hometown heroes.

GHC Receives Appreciation Of Support From Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV Alpha Company - JBB, Iraq

The Gorge Heroes Club is honored to receive appreciation from the Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV, Alpha Company currently station in Joint Base Balad, Iraq for our support during their deployment. 

The accommodation reads:  

From: 3rd Battalion, 116th Cavalry Brigade, A Company, Joint Base Balad, Iraq

Certificate of Authenticity
is presented to
Gorge Heroes Club

In appreciation of your patriotism, this American Flag was flown for you on the 31th on May 2011 at the A Company 3rd Battalion 116th Cavalry Brigade Headquarters located at Joint Base Balad, Iraq during operations in support of Operation New Dawn.  In the waving folds of the Stars and Stripes lies the history of a mighty Nation and it's people" in its shadow stand the heroes who make history.

Throughout the history of our nation, many have fought, received wounds, and sometimes dies, the American Flag was always there.  Just as then, the Soldiers of this Battalion stand now beneath our Nation's Flag on foreign soil securing freedom for fellow mankind.  Thank you for your dedication, sacrifice and service to the people of the United States of America and the 3rd Battalion 116th Cavalry Brigade.

 1SGT Brian Nation
CPT Noah Siple


The Gorge Heroes Club is honored to receive this certificate and Flag of The United States of America.  We are proud to be supporting you during your deployment and will continue to support America's Mighty Warriors. 

Be well, be strong and come home PROUD! 

Your GHC

National Guard 422 SIG BN, Afghanistan - Honored To Be Supporting You!

Today's frontline pic comes from the National Guard 422 SIG BN stationed in Afghanistan. Honored to be supporting you! Go Guard!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

News From 3-116 CAB (CAV) HBCT

From Iraq - 3-116 CAB (CAV) 116 HBCT

As we begin our transition to JBLM communication with our families may become a little more challenging. Know that we will keep you up to date with the latest information possible keeping in mind operational security. Please bear with us it wont' be too much longer. Viper 6

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Greetings From Iraq: Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV the Freedom Fightin' Fox Company

Oregon National Guard 3-116 CAV Freedom Fightin' Fox Company unit pic from Iraq. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our freedoms. Be well, be stong and come home proud. It has been an honor to have supported you during your deployment. (Photo by Joanna Smith)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Community Invited To Help With 3-116 CAV ALPHA Company Homecoming Preparations

Reminder from 3-116 CAV A Co Family Members- This Thursday and Friday we will be putting up yellow ribbons on 2nd and 3rd Streets. Gorge Heroes Club members, family members and the community is invited to particpate in the welcome home activities.  Please meet at the Oregon National Armory on Webber Street in The Dalles Oregon at 6PM. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

GHC Holds Weekly Auctions On Our Facebook Page

Homey The Homefront Gnome With Auction Items Donated By Dutch Bros Coffee!

Each Tuesday, GHC will be auctioning off items donated by businesses/individuals/organizations. The funds will go to help GHC purchase care package supplies and shipping costs for our monthly shipments to America's deployed warriors. You are welcome to bid two ways, on our Facebook Page or e-mail your bid direct to us at: Auctions will be held every Tuesday morning and run for 24 hours. We have some really exciting items coming in like free passes to the Enchanted Forest, Oil Changes, Ceramic Vases....

Facebook Family Addy:  Gorge Heroes-Club

Payments can be made by mail to:

1767 12th Street, #113
Hood River, Oregon 97031

Or by our secure paypal link on the right hand side of this webpage. 

If you, your business or association has an item you wish to donate to GHC please drop us a line at:

So, mark your calendars each week and let the fun begin! Questions can be addressed to:

We thank you and our heroes thank you!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Welcome Home Soldiers of the 3-116 Information - Baker City, Or

GHC has been asked to pass on this information:

Time:  Friday, October 7 · 3:00pm - 7:00pm

Location:  Baker City Armory

Any and all soldiers and there families are welcome.  We want this to be a fun night for all so no alcohol. We also hope to have a live band and please pass this invite along.  

For more information please visit the event post on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=130098543738924